How to make a casino deposit from PayPal?

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No matter how enjoyable and unique real-life casinos feel, online ones are the future. Understandably, some people are confused about how to get into playing. The process itself is pretty simple and accessible to anyone wishing to try. Known for a fact, PayPal is preferred deposit method of many. Thus, all the steps will concern directly PayPal paying system for the casino. Summing up, here is a step-by-step guide for those who are looking to start playing at online casinos.

Step 1 – Registration at the PayPal

Account registration does not usually imply something complicated and worth mentioning. But online payment systems include much more than just name and password.

Firstly, get ready your credit card or bank info to unlock deposit/payment options. Once you are all set preparing, it is essential to know about types of accounts. There are personal and business. Difference explained below.

Personal account assumes you are mostly using it for purchases and transferring money. It also can be used to receive payments. But, it is recommended to go with a business account in case you are selling things.

Business is same thing except it has even extra stuff. Features from a personal are included. One of extra features it allows up to 200 people to partially access your PayPal account. Or use your company name rather than your name.

If your purposes are sole to deposit to casinos and such, a Personal account is more than enough.

Now begins the registration process. Start with going to PayPal's official website and hitting the Sign Up button. You will see, as mentioned above, two options Personal and Business. We will look at Personal for this example.

What comes after you chose an account type. Enter your phone number as requested and confirm it by entering the code from the message. The next window is an e-mail address, password, and password confirmation. Then to fill out the form on your screen with country, name, birth date, home address, and some ID info fields. Double-check the data, hit the “Confirm and create account” button to finish. Although we have the account, more things need to be done to make it work.

Deposits are not available if payment information was not provided. It is not obligatory, but it is for depositing to the casino and to unlock most account limitations.

Step 2 – Verification at the PayPal

Obviously vastly spread payment system needs to ensure the safety of their customers. That is why verification is obligatory.

To begin the verification process log in to your account and then go to the wallet section. From there choose the earlier chosen credit card and “confirm” it. Confirming happens by PayPal charging a small amount of money from your card. The money will be returned, of course. That confirms that your card is valid and can be used.

The receipt you got from charging money has a 4-digit code on it. Write it down. Then go back to the wallet section, choose your card, and enter the code.

If you decided to use your bank account instead of a credit card, the process is mostly the same. Except that PayPal will charge 2 different amounts, and you will need to enter them instead of a 4-digit code.

That does it for a verification part. The thing to note is that any cards/bank accounts added later on will also need verification.

And after a while of using your account, PayPal might ask for more verification in a form of ID information.

Step 3 – Depositing to the PayPal

Leaving account creation behind, you need funds in your e-wallet you are planning to play with. This is probably going to be the easiest part. Since you already linked your credit card/bank account, it is done in a few clicks.

Go back to your Wallet where you initially linked the card, choose Transfer money, add it to your balance. Then just select the bank and enter the amount you want to deposit.

The deposit is not always instant, it could take up to five working days. You will be notified every time the transfer is approved or declined.

Here are the main reasons why you would be not able to add funds to your balance:

  • You need to create a PayPal Cash account first
  • Account still has limitations applied to it
  • Error message most likely indicates the deposit is not available at the moment. Try again later or use the PayPal app as an alternative.

Step 4 – Registration at the Casino

Money is on our PayPal account, and now ready to be deposited. First, we need a casino account to deposit it to.

As the growth of online casinos has gone by, a lot of the platforms appeared, each of them being unique in their own way. That being said, people could easily get confused and lost choosing a casino to their liking.

Starter bonuses, games, and slots catalog, they all vary from one casino to another. And so, to help with your choosing a little, here are few things to pay attention to.

  • Welcome bonuses and codes for a steady start
  • Make sure it includes all the activities you need and something to try later on
  • Multi-platform capabilities, in case you want to use the mobile version
  • Go through Terms & Conditions and assure that the casino is safe to use
  • PayPal as present deposit method (!). Even though we only need PayPal, look for casinos with more flexibility. Gives them more credibility.

After you have chosen one, the process will not be much different. So, it should project to whatever casino you came up with.

Click on the “Sign up” or “Create Account” button and fill out the given forms. Just a little warning beforehand, a casino account will also require verification. Most of the casinos will ask for:

  • A document of identification, anything with your credentials will suffice. Passport, driving license, etc.
  • Utility bill.
  • Account ownership confirmation. Photo of your credit card (both sides), and/or photo of your online wallet account.

Some or all those must be presented, created account cannot be verified otherwise.

Step 5 – Verification at the casino

Online casinos will be even more strict about verification than online paying systems. It is so to prevent people from trying to cheat. Creating more than one account, acquiring bonuses that they were not supposed to get. Before verification, please inspect the Terms & Conditions tab on the casino website.

Thus, to avoid further unpleasantries, most of the platforms will ask for:

  • A document of identification, anything with your credentials will suffice. Passport, driving license, etc.
  • Utility bill.
  • Account ownership confirmation. Photo of your credit card (both sides), and/or photo of your online wallet account.

Some or all those must be presented, created account cannot be verified otherwise. Note that the process is not instant, data needs to be reviewed by casino staff. It takes up to five business days, but usually much sooner. Also, extra verification might be needed as the withdrawal amount gets bigger.

Step 6 – Depositing to the Casino

Hopefully, you have chosen a service with PayPal available as a deposit method. What is left to do is to click on the “Deposit” button and choose PayPal. Fill deposit sum field and you will be redirected to the confirmation window. Log in with your PayPal credentials and follow the requirements.

Once it is done, wait patiently for the deposit to be approved. As mentioned before, it may take up to 5 days, depends on the chosen casino.

Important notes. Some bonuses and other benefits service offers do not include PayPal as an option. Count on PayPal with mostly just plain deposit.

Even though a majority of online casinos do not charge extra, your bank might. Be aware of your bank’s rates.


Congratulations on depositing your first sum to an online casino. You are officially part of the world of fun and hopefully big winnings. Choose the game you always wanted to experience yourself. Go through classics, or even explore the immense library of games you see on your screen.

Remember to stick to the main tips and rules of casino gaming.

  • For the most part, luck is your best friend in such activities. Do not rely too much on it though, avoid high-risk wagers
  • Try the free version of the game if possible or start with the lowest bets to get familiar with the game. The more you know about it, the more profit you will get
  • Have fun! People tend to get frustrated when losing, which is okay. But remember it is only a game, do not let it ruin your day.

Also, remember to take responsibility for how much you deposit in casinos. Enjoy the time you spend, but also have finance awareness. We all can have a bad day, do not overcommit if it happens, just take a break. A cool-headed experience is the most fun and profitable experience.

Enjoy, and most importantly, good luck!